We wanted to make you aware of two new Covid-19 resources in Iowa. First, thanks to the outstanding contributions of two of our members, Joe and Sharonda Goode, Iowa now has accessible statewide statistics for Covid-19 cases. They were able to make contact with the right entities to help the state present the information accessibly. The information can be found at https://coronavirus.iowa.gov/pages/access.

Second, the governor announced a new initiative aimed at increasing Covid-19 testing in Iowa. In partnership with a Utah-based company, testing sites will begin to open up more widely throughout the state. For more information and to begin the assessment process, please visit www.testiowa.com. This site has been tested and is accessible as far as we can tell. If you have issues with it, please feel free to let NFB of Iowa President Scott Van Gorp know.

I hope the above information will help all of us gain better access to information regarding Covid-19. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact President Van Gorp. Stay safe and healthy!

National Federation of the Blind COVID-19 Policy Relating to Public Events

Please give immediate attention to the policy directive from the Board of Directors of the National Federation of the Blind related to the immediate postponement of public meetings of the organization. You can read the policy directive and hear an emergency Presidential Release related to this matter at https://www.nfb.org/about-us/press-room/national-federation-blind-covid-19-policy-relating-public-events.

NFB COVID-19 Resources

The National Federation of the Blind is closely monitoring the COVID-19 emergency, which is changing everyone’s lives but has unique effects on blind people. The health and safety of all of our members, colleagues, and friends is always our top priority. Information on the NFB’s COVID-19 Resources page, www.nfb.org/resources/covid-19-resources, provides resources that may be particularly useful to blind people facing challenges during the emergency. If you have found other resources that you believe are useful, please email the information to communicationsteam@nfb.org. For the latest happenings with the NFB surrounding COVID-19, please visit www.nfb.org.